1967-69 School of Architecture, Yale University
Master of Environmental Design Degree
1961-67 Carnegie Mellon University
Bachelor of Architecture Degree
1993 Elevated to Fellow of the American Institute of Architects 1993
1978 Visiting Critic and Sculptor in Residence
College of Architecture and Design
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas
1977 Visiting Critic, School of Architecture
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
1969-76 Assistant Professor of Design
School of Architecture, University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland
1974 Registered Architect, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland
Sculpture Commissions:
1997- National World War II Memorial Allegorical Sculptures, The Mall,
Present Washington, D.C. Friedrich St. Florian, Architect.
1996-98 “The Signing of the Treaty of the Holston”
Knoxville, Tenn. Seven figures in limestone 10 ft. high x 5 ft. wide.
1995-98 “Power and Wisdom”
Ronald Reagan Courthouse, Santa Ana, Calif. Two bronze figures on travertine bases. 8 ft. high. Zimmer, Gunsel Frasca, Architects.
1995-97 “Tricentennial Commemoration: Three Horses”
Prince George’s County, Maryland. Bronze horses on cast stone base 10 ft. diameter. X 7 ft. high.
1995-96 “Justice”
United States Courthouse, Foley Square, NYC, NY, 16 ft. high, bronze figure of Justice. Kohn, Pederson, & Fox, Architects.
1995-96 Portrait of Olympic founder Pierre de Coubertin
Olympic Centennial Park, Atlanta, Georgia. Bronze 9 ft. figure with cast stone colonnade. 12 ft. wide x 15 ft. high.
1993-95 “Four figures in The Square”
Charlotte, N.C. Bronze allegorical figures on granite bases, 24 ft. high. Middleton MacMillan Architects.
1993-95 “Justice Delayed, Justice Denied”
U.S. Courthouse, Alexandria, Va. Bronze 12 ft. figure of Justice with allegorical animals on bas relief 4 ft. high x 16 ft. wide. Spillis, Candela Warnecke Architects.
1994-95 Justice figure in a sundial
U.S. Courthouse, Shreveport, La. Bronze 8 ft. figure of Justice with 40 ft. sundial stile. KPS Group, Architects.
1994-98 Four monumental urns denoting The National Building Museum
National Building Museum. Washington, D.C. GFRC, brick & cast stone. 16 ft. high.
1992 “Three Ministers Kneeling”
Civil Rights Historic District, Birmingham, Ala. Alabama Limestone 12 ft. wide x 6 ft. high.
1990-91 “Hand of NOAA” Fountain with sculpture for National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration Headquarters, Silver Spring, Md. Bronze 12
ft. high.
1990-91 Allegorical lions for The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.
Judiciary Square, Washington, D.C. Bronze, over life-size. Davis Buckley, Architect.
1989-90 Architectural sculpture for the Harold Washington Library Center,
Chicago, Illinois. Cast stone, carved granite, cast aluminum ornament, and allegorical animals. Hammond, Beeby & Babka, Architects.
1990 Portrait statue of Art Rooney, former owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers,
Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, Pa. Bronze, 10 ft. high.
1988-90 Fountain and figure of Queen Charlotte for the Charlotte/Douglas
International Airport, Charlotte, NC. Bronze figure, 16 ft. high. Cast stone column 25 ft. high. Odell Associates, Architects.
1987-89 “Gem of the Lakes.” Fountain with allegorical figure. Chicago, Illinois.
12 ft. figure with 16 ft. wide shell. Kohn, Pederson & Fox, Architects.
1987 Demeter and Cows, Maryland Dept. of Agriculture, Annapolis, Md. Cast
stone & brick, over life-size.
1986 Colonnade with capitals, columns, and relief sculpture, Hampden Square,
Bethesda, Md. Cast stone, 9 ft. high x 100 ft. x40 ft. deep.
1985 Copper finial of a salamander wrapped around a spire. Columbia
Historical Society, Washington, DC. 5 1/2 ft. high x 2 ft. wide x 1 ft. deep.
1982-85 “Porlandia” Monumental figure for the Portland Public Services Building.
Portland, Ore. Hammered copper, 38 ft. high x 16 ft. wide. Michael Graves, Architect.
1997 “Civic Icons: The Sculpture of Raymond Kaskey,” One man show,
Montpelier Cultural Arts Center, Laurel, Maryland
1996 ‘The Legacy Lives,” Group Show, Lever House Gallery, NYC, NY
1996 “Sculpture by Raymond Kaskey,” One man show, Perry House Galleries,
Alexandria, Va.
1995 “Sixteen Sculptors,” Group Show, Watkins Gallery, American University,
Washington, D.C.
1994 ‘Washington Figurative Sculptors,” Group Show, Watkins Gallery,
American University, Washington, D.C.
1993 Knickerbocker Artists Annual Exhibition, Juror & Exhibitor, Perry House
Galleries, Alexandria, Va.
1992 “Washington Figurative Sculptors,” Group Show, Watkins Gallery,
American University, Washington, D.C.
1990 “The Making of a Monument: National Law Enforcement Officers’
Memorial,” National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.
Permanent installation of 48” bronze Portlandia in the Sapporo Sculpture
Garden, Sapporo, Japan.
1987 The National Sculpture Society Fifty-fourth Annual Exhibition in
Celebration of the bicentennial of the United States Constitution, Port of
History Museum, Philadelphia, Pa.
1985 Figure in Architecture,” John Nichols Gallery, NYC, NY. Exhibition of
work by Michael Graves, Edward Schmidt and Raymond Kaskey.
“Washington Figurative Sculpture,” Fendrick Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1998 GSA Design Awards Citation in Art for Foundry Markers made for the
National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.
1995 The Arthur Ross Award of Classical America, NYC, NY, presented for
Modeling sculpture for public buildings.
1995 Presidential Design Award of The National Endowment for The Arts for
The sculptures in The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial,
Washington, D.C.
1993 Elevated to Fellow of the American Institute of Architects for the creation
of a unique body of ornamental work on some of America’s most distinguished buildings.
1993 The Henry Hering Memorial Medal of the National Sculpture Society for
distinguished sculpture on the National Law Enforcement Officers
1986 The Henry Hering Memorial Medal of the National Sculpture Society for outstanding collaboration between architect, sculptor and client.
1985 Award for Excellence in Architecture, Portland, Oregon Chapter,
American Institute of Architects for “Portlandia” sculpture.
1981 Mrs. Louis Bennett Award, National Sculpture Society, NYC, NY
1989 “Recent Work,” School of Architecture, Carnegie-Mellon University
(January 19).
1986 “Sculpture and Architect: A Return to Partnership,” The National
Building Museum, Washington, D.C. (November 23).
“Portlandia: Process and Realization,” School of Art and Architecture,
Yale University (March 4).
1983 “The Environment as Grape Juice,” the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture
Garden, Washington, D.C.
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